About Us

Specialized in project management, Synertium offers a range of services to support companies and organizations in their emergence or transition to a sustainable business model through the development of action strategies, collaboration and the direct implementation of projects.

Synertium was born from the observation that the deployment of initiatives and the transition of new or growing companies and organizations are often hampered by a lack of resources to properly structure these projects and carry them out. Considering the magnitude of the consequences for the realization of these projects, it is for this purpose that we offer an on demand project management solution.

We are only a small team of change agents working also in collaboration with other service providers dedicated to helping the emergence of entrepreneurship that values ​​the sustainable development goals as presented by the UN. The diversity of our experiences and origins allows us to see from different cultural and professional angles a multitude of solutions to support the development of projects.

Several projects are continuously underway and we are constantly open to welcoming new collaborators to walk with us in this common mission that fascinates and defines us.

Support in reaching the goals

We are at an historic moment where there is a real opportunity for change towards a better world, if we manage to put the efforts to achieve these strategies and objectives. And more particularly for questions of social equality, an economic system that respects the environment and the rights of individuals and communities.

It's with this vision of global participation for improvement that we  intervene in projects to help the businesses, municipalities and organisations to be part of the solution.

Projects Hub

Synertium also opens the door to a 3rd level of transition, that of the people who want to developp their skills to become sustainability driven agents of change through project management and collaborations within our team.

Our partners

Partnerships are key to the collaboration of taking part in a mission that is often broader than the expertise of our own company.

We see our partners as part of an ecosystem working together towards the same goals.

The invitation is always open!

Please mention this when making an appointment to talk about it.

Makers de Rêves
Makers de Rêves offers training and coaching in Quebec as well as in France, in the field of project realization and propels crowdfunding campaigns for your business projects with their crowdfunding platform.


As Lean experts while respecting the TPS and eco-responsible business practices, our services allows us to offer more added value to customers, employees, suppliers, partners and society and to obtain increased performance in terms of cost, time, quality, health & safety , morale and environment.

Inovex Conseils
Inovex Conseils Inc. is a highly skilled professionals' firm that, over the years, has developed a leading-edge expertise in the preparation of tax credits claims for SR&ED and for the development of e-business (CDAE) that allows us to optimize the amounts claimed substantially.

Plan Monark
Plan Monark brings together advanced technology and management activities to arrive at a common vision to improve clarity and collective business performance.

We support the development of public and private organizations by popularizing scientific studies that have tested the effectiveness of good management practices.

Terran Industries
Connecting businesses of all industries to customised sustainable solutions, allowing them to accelerate their transition towards a sustainable future.

Entreprendre Ici
Entreprendre Ici is a national organization whose mission is to offer a tailor-made service to all ethno-culturally diverse entrepreneurs in order to help them overcome systemic barriers and guide them in using existing services in Quebec.

Education for Sustainability
Education for Sustainability [ED4S] is on a mission to help mainstream fundamental understanding of various concepts in the sustainable finance field. We design and build unique online courses that enable individuals and companies to emerge into the quickly evolving field of ESG and sustainable finance.

iso 20400
iso20400.org is a not-for-profit, free platform which aims to develop a global community of practice around ISO 20400 and sustainable procurement. 186 countries already access our platform which is governed by steering group made up of some of the committee members who created the standard.


Madaké puts at your disposal a Transformation Office which brings together a range of management expertise (change, project, technology, process, sales, marketing). All in the context of ensuring the acquisition and retention of your customers.

Kafé Network

The Kafé network: business circles several times a month to discuss with successful professionals and support to become a recognized expert in your field. Professional services, training and additional discounts reserved for members.

Boorask Innovation

Boorask helps ambitious organizations think differently to grow humanely. We harmonize the collaboration between your resources to solve your priority issues creatively through a structured and rigorous approach.

Makers de Rêves
ALTO₂ is a consulting firm in sustainable construction and sustainable strategies. Experts in energy and environmental performance for buildings and urban planning, we act as advisers and trainers to provide a human vision of sustainability.

Entnest is a social platform to connect entrepreneurs, ventures and all entrepreneurship initiatives like accelerators, co-working spaces, universities, investors, business clubs, etc. Want to join? Ask for an invite.