360º Turnkey approach

Our services are complementary solutions to help an array of organizations of different sizes, growth stages and sectors of activities to deliver the purposeful impact much needed in today's society and take part as catalysts towards responsible business practice and economy. 




What they say about us


Status Quo Consensus

Whether it is on a personal or organizational goal, the first step for any change is to reflect about the challenges that we can agree need to be addressed. It is mandatory that concerned parties be involved in a common perception of where we stand for any initiatives to have value and impact. We guide you in the consensus process of that status quo based on recognized international benchmarking grids.


Mapping Visions & Stakeholders

Projecting yourself as a business or individual into the future of how you want things to be is a key effort to then look at what needs to be done to get there. But again, this road is not solitary, many stakeholders are part of that journey and at different levels of interactions to be considered when planning where and how to have the intended impacts.


Materiality & Action Plan
Now that you know where yo want to be and the allies to be involved, you still need to plan what to work on and within what scopes. A materiality matrix will help to reflect and plan the actions you wish to prioritize. And for each activities you will need to track the progress in reaching the targeted levels of sustainable practices. 



Together, we'll look at the path your products take from creation to end-of-life, their ecological footprint (LCA) and their social footprint (LCA-S). And diagnose the circularity loops concerned by the issues raised.



Is the project feasible, what processing steps are required, how does your project compare with other initiatives? Not all projects aim at commercialization, but in cases where this is the goal, we'll need to take a closer look at the costs involved.


So, you've decided that this project has business value! It's time to think about the business opportunity, to structure the plan according to the triple bottom line. We'll help you do just that, so that you end up with a viable pilot project.


When we look at the circular economy loop where the projects can take root, we often see many alternatives sources of materials that can fill the production need. And on the other side we often see huge volumes of waste and think that there must be something that can be done with it better than burying or burning it.

Then came the idea of mapping potential usages of wastes to produce alternative sources of material. We hope that this free of access map helps to start reflections and conversations about such potential more sustainable options of industrial ecology. But also, even if not for the sake of business activities, this map can serve individuals simply looking for ideas on how to reuse what other wise could be disposed of, thus lowering landfills.

This map is open to public contributions upon sending us your suggestions. We are also open to learn about your circular economy project and will be happy to offer our support in evaluating business case avenues if you wish so.



At the root of your responsible personal project or business mission is an issue you aspire to address. Once the Status Quo is rejected and you know that you can make a difference for a better world, then it's time to start raising the strategy around how to bring that impact.


PLAN, Measure and MONITOR

There are many grids you can refer too for benchmarking the responsible contributions of your project, direct or indirect outcomes, quantitative and qualitative, etc.. You can only change what you measure, and it takes planning to know what you want to measure and how you will measure it.


Once you know the impacts of your contribution, how do you learn from your efforts, improve your strategy of change, and communicate your results in order to comply to requirements or drive change in your fields of activities.

Ready to take things in charge


As CSO, we are in position to set the sustainability strategy with your organization, taking in consideration the internal goals and needs of the stakeholders. Their are many steps in validating double materiality, planning the priorities of projects within a general view.



Every projects needs scope analysis, tools, resources, risk assessment, budget, timelines, etc.. that we structure with you in modular stepping stones to meet your sustainability objectives. Once there is a map of the project, there is a possibility to move into action with a plan for proper impact and results.



Action plans deployment requires rigorous focus on multiple aspects and follow ups. We bring you these skilled hands to operate on the ground what it takes to make the project happen and on and reporting of the progress. This along with proper documentation of processes, artefacts and knowledge.