About Us


Specialized in sustainable projects management, Synertium offers a range of services to support companies and organizations in their emergence or transition to a sustainable business model through the development of strategic actions, collaboration and the direct implementation of projects.

We are only a small team of change agents working also in collaboration with other service providers dedicated to helping the emergence of entrepreneurship that values ​​the sustainable development goals as presented by the UN. The diversity of our experiences and origins allows us to see from different cultural and professional angles a multitude of solutions to support the development of projects.

Several projects are continuously underway and we are constantly open to welcoming new collaborators to walk with us in this common mission that fascinates and defines us.

Who we are

Marc-André Bélisle

Project Management & Administration

With more than 20 years of experience in business services and project management, his approach is based on collaboration favoring diplomacy, structure, motivation and team challenges.


Ilyana Leon Toro

Project Management

Ilyana has more than 10 years of professional practice, attorney at law, business management and development expert, aiming to help companies to grow in a smart and sustainable way.


Ana Maria Botero

Project Management

Political scientist with 3 years of experience in social project design and execution. Ana's passion about social justice and equality especially in development countries helps organizations be oriented towards stronger social impacts.


Jane Wahu

Business Development Assistance

Experienced in various roles of administrative assistance and holding a diploma in air ticketing and travel, tours and hotel reservations. Handling document preparation, research, data entry, translations and transcripts.


Ivan Kebiwa

Project Management

Ivan has worked in the field of conservation and sustainable development in Africa. With a degree in forestry engineering and a master's in environment and sustainable development, he has five years' practical experience. His background includes environmental project management, with a particular focus on protected area conservation.


Elliot Tuchfeld

B-Corp Coaching & Project Management
Elliot is an experienced sustainability consultant who specializes in conducting comprehensive ESG impact assessments using the BCorp framework. He has a strong track record of assisting clients in incorporating sustainability into their business operations and equipping them with the resources needed to meet the stringent standards required to become a certified Benefit Corporation.

Victorine Bokengo

Business Development

Having more than 15 years of experience in business development and sales management in France and Germany, Victorine has drawn on both worlds to become a Euro-Africa strategic consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Jose Osorio Pinto

Business development and projects for Americas

Jose has over 35 years' experience in engineering and managing environmental and carbon reduction projects, his expertise enables us to further develop our support for sustainable projects throughout the Americas.


the experts that support us

Donna Rosa


Cameron Price


Day Davis Waterbury




Fernanda Medina


François-Xavier Ledieu


Thriving in ecosystems


'Alone we go faster, together we go further.'

Now that you have achieved your internal objectives, how can you maximize your impact in your areas of activity? We use this Ikigai-inspired model to help you better identify opportunities, measure and optimize the achievement of the right partnerships.

What emerges from our meetings? Do we share our visions and develop activities? Are we connected and ready to go a long way together?

Are our business missions common by responding to directly related needs and that your vision is reinforced?

Do our activities and our professional work come together to offer complementary expertise and move forward together in the mission?

Is the work we do together successful in meeting targeted needs, creating impact value and resulting income to deliver the mission?