One Step At A Time

We believe that innovation and change primarily come through the growth of sustainability-driven entrepreneurship.

By focusing on sustainability objectives we support the emergence and transition of SMEs and NPOs that are bringing about the changes to live in a better world.

More directly our services are aimed at these sectors:


What are your next milestones to reach these goals?

It's with this mindset that Synertium provides the implementation of an action plan through project management in order to bring 4 key benefits.

Don't wait any longer to give birth to your ideas


Match project management expense to specific goals

Avoid the potential toxicity of overloading resources

Step to the next level of the business mission

where we shine

3 linked intervention branches


Designing better business practices that produce ecological and economical positive outcomes in the long term.

  • Circular Economy
  • Project structure
  • Research & Analysis


Promoting equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

  • Diversity integration
  • Community support
  • Social Impact


Elaborating the business model whilst creating the awareness, connections and opportunities to grow within an ecosystem.

  • Partnerships
  • Business Plan
  • accreditations

How to get there

2 levels of services

If you don't already have an action plan for your project, we can build it for you at the 'Ideas' level in 5 easy steps following a free first meeting. If you already have one then we will go straight to the Activities level.

Each step is tailored to your needs. To learn more about the methodology of the steps, please request it when booking a meeting.

iDEATION & Consulting

  1. Survey
  2. Clarify
  3. Organize
  4. Review
  5. Engage

Actions implementation

  1. Integrate
  2. Allocate
  3. Deliver
  4. Adjust
  5. Close

Services Agreements

1 customised choice of transaction

You can combine plans according to the specific needs of the stages of each project to properly support your pace of transition and how it fits into your budget.

Blocks of a minimum of 25 hours with a declining rate to continue the project. Details will be provided upon request.

We can plan a budget for an entire project or modules grouping key benefits.

If your project aims to generate an inflow of funds, either by obtaining grants or funding, we will offer you a plan to start the work for free and establish a commission to pay when obtaining these funds.


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